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Design Goals

Roadway API-Driven Each controller and its functions correspond to a URL path. Additional sub-paths in the URL are passed to the controller's functions as parameters. Controllers take input and return data. That data is converted to XML or JSON and then sent out to the browser. Even if you plan to build a complete web application, you automatically get an API for free. That means you can use the same server back-end to power mobile applications and 3rd party integrations.

Highlighter XSL Views The browser receives raw XML from the controller. The XML data contains a reference to an XSL template used to format that data. The XSL template is the "view" layer in a traditional MVC. All the template rendering occurs on the client side. XSL can be interpreted natively by the browser, within the browser's JavaScript engine, or on the server side in the event that the client doesn't support XSL. When XML data and XSL templates combine, the result is an HTML5 document.

Protractor Easy AJAX The included JavaScript client library adds two additional attributes to a and form tags in HTML. The href and action properties for their respective tags refer to the API URL endpoint. However, they are easily enhanced with AJAX. Simply add data-template and point it to the XSL template you will use to render the data. Finally, add data-target with a jQuery selector to target the DOM element that you will replace with the result.

Car Accessibility and SEO In the event that the browser doesn't support JavaScript, the API URL will be accessed directly and rendered using its included template. Since you're just decorating normal links and forms with attributes, the request URL is loaded all the same. This means it's not just possible, but easy to develop AJAX-driven applications that degrade gracefully in older browsers, search engines, and when using assistive technologies for the disabled. With this framework, your entire site can be crawled by a search engine—even if you have an AJAX-heavy application. Finally, applications continue to work in high-security environments, like workplaces where JavaScript can't be executed, or at times when the JavaScript contains an unexpected bug and stops running.

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