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For Teams

XOMBO continuously monitors your athletes diet and exercise habits via the data they already collect. Whenever our Artificial Intelligence detects that your teammate needs more help, we'll send you an alert so you can encourage them to be more active and eat right.

XOMBO is compatible with the apps and devices your athletes already love, like Fitbit, Google Fit, and Instagram.

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  1. Health Data

    XOMBO pulls in member data from wearable fitness devices and social media. We continuously monitor your athletes' exercise and diet activity to make sure it is in alignment with their fitness goals. You'll receive an alert when your teammate needs more help.

  2. Alerts

    XOMBO identifies the athletes who need the most help so your counselors can recommend additional activities. Coaches will be able to remind athletes of their goals when they've gone off-track, even if they don't see them in the training field.

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Continuously monitor

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